About Us

The Dr. KR College of Pharmacy & Research is one of the Best comprehensive Pharmacy college in the country where Technology, Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship come together to build an impactful learning environment. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members in various specialties and well organized infrastructural facilities such as modern laboratories, IT Lab and Library resources are the key features of the institute in developing world class Pharmacy professionals. We focus on strengthening the roots of students and to contour the next generation to be Responsible citizen of country.


To deliver quality education that nurtures the scientific temperament and problem solving skill amongst the students. To provide trained manpower to meet the needs of Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry worldwide. To set up collaboration between Pharmacy, molecular biology and other healthcare sector which can help to boost discovery of new drug design. To explore national and international collaboration in Pharmaceutical Sciences and allied health sciences.

Chairman Speak

Founder Chairman
Prof. Dr. Kundlik Girhepunje
M-Pharm, Ph.D (Pharmaceutics)

I am working in Pharmaceutical field from past two decades and I never saw recession. Being in pharmacy profession I acquired huge experience and deep knowledge of the field. Contributing to society has always been a dream of mine. My goal is providing high-quality education to students, particularly those from rural areas and to help them realize their full potential and contribute to National development.
Dr. K.R. College of Pharmacy and Research is one of the Premier Institute with world class infrastructure and facilities. The institute emphasizes on Industry-Institute Interaction in order to generate highly trained and globally competent Pharmacy professionals.
In addition to the Scenic peacefull college campus, other facilities include well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, football, and cricket grounds etc. These facilities aim to create an enriching environment for students to pursue their academic and extracurricular activities.

Managing Director

Pharmacy field is not just career of choice but everything for me. I am passionate about knowing healthcare industry and it challenges in terms of disease treatment to new drug development. The field has tremendous opportunities for students. Dr. K.R. College of Pharmacy and Research was established with the aim of empowering youth in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences.

The Pharmaceutical Sector is growing at a consistent rate in India and abroad and is offering great career opportunities for students. The high prevalence of diseases and development of healthcare infrastructure demands highly skilled pharmacy professionals worldwide.

Trained pharmacy professionals can work in several different industries such as sales, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, quality check, education, etc in Govt. and private sector. My objective is to provide employment opportunities to every student who enters our institute.

Prof. Dr. Ranju Pal Girhepunje
Managing Director
M-Pharm, Ph.D (Pharmacology), Post Doc. ICMR